Clear Skies


The name of a Tempest class battleship from the Minmatar shipyards of New Eden. Captained by John Rourke, maintained by engineer Solomon Burke, and defended by Charlie Fodder in gunnery, this ship and crew travel the stargates of the EVE universe in search of adventure and fortune.

Stuck in a station awaiting expensive repairs to the ship, Captain John Rourke is left with no choice but to accept the only contract available to him – to transport a mysterious Mr Smith across space in a seemingly innocent and simple mission. The amount of money being offered, however, makes the crew very suspicious…

Still, traveling a mere ten jumps in exchange for enough money to pay off the repairs?

How hard can it be?


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Clear Skies is an award winning animation trilogy set in the universe of Eve Online.  Created using the Half-Life2 Source engine for the interiors and characters, and live action filming in the Eve Online game universe for exterior and composite SFX shots.


The first Clear Skies was produced as a creative outlet for myself.  While still something to be proud of, it does show that it’s my first effort.  The voice acting, editing, script, and direction were all embryonic at this stage.  But it still stands, as I didn’t realise where it would go in both the Eve Online community and with a wider audience.  I also didn’t realise what it would awaken in me.  The response was ballistic from Eve players, and within three days of release I had committed to creating a sequel.  Bigger, better, longer, and with more explosions.